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   Technical Support

Green Motor Technology provides the professional
motor design and solution service.

Service & Support
Innovation is key to our success. Our R&D center has been
dedicating to the innovation of the  products and technology,
aiming to satisfy our customers requirements and to ensure
our fast speed business development worldwide.

Terms of Service

1. Pre-Sale Service 
      Provide the packaged product technical documentation;
      Products knowledge coaching & guideline; 
      Products inquiries & reply;
      Special design for customers special requirements;

2. During-Sale Service 
      Customer relationship management ;
      Case management; 
      To the Customers Satisfaction
      Follow the order thoroughly. 
      Shipment support;
      Complete package; 
      Safe stock products supply;

3. After Sale Service 
      Complete products and technical documentation; 
      Installation support;
      Regular training
      Accessories and parts supply;

4.  Quality Assurance 
      Provide the repair, replacement and return services (three guarantee Services) in accordance with the National Regulations and other additional services and commitments in contract.

Corporate Culture:   Openness   Professionalism   Commitment   Performance

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