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                                  Managing Director’s Message

First, on behalf of the Foshan Shunde Green Motor Technology Co., Ltd. (abbreviated as GA), please accept my sincere gratitude for your interest in our company, and warmly I welcome you to be our clients, business friends, and collaborators as well to facilitate this even more harmonious earth!

By taking the advantage of research, development, and manufacturing of motors with big variety for more than twenty years, GA Foshan is professionally driving the marketing & sales of these products and services all over the world, and we are confident that GA will be continuously providing the quality products and service for our customers.

A common saying goes, "Business is war". We often target this fierce competition on product quality, price, and responsiveness to the customers. However, business field is beyond a battlefield, and not a “zero-sum” game. GA aspires to develop the value of growth and profit with the concerned parties, and we are dedicating to build a harmonious multi-lateral agreement among the products, the human, and nature!

“Motor mobiles motion”. Inherited the company’s identification of “openness, professionalism, commitment, and performance”, We welcome you to join in GA , and we believe this reliable, long lasting partnership will accelerate your business to an even more prosperous chapter.

Your sincerely. 

Kevin Wang

Managing Director



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